For Immediate Release: Montana Libertarian Party Rejects Rosendale Endorsement Narrative

For Immediate Release: Montana Libertarian Party Rejects Rosendale Endorsement Narrative

The Montana Libertarian Party continues to fully support and endorse Libertarian Rick Breckenridge for Senate. We believe he is still Montana's best choice of the current candidates because he is a champion of freedom and limiting government while embracing cooperation and rational decision-making. He is neither a Trump acolyte like his Republican opponent, nor a promoter of fear and divisiveness to manipulate voters like his Democrat opponent.

Since Breckenridge’s press conference on October 31st, where he was quoted as endorsing Matt Rosendale, the MTLP has gathered feedback from party members. Many of them feel betrayed by Breckenridge’s statement because Libertarians do not automatically vote for a Republican or Democrat in the absence of a Libertarian candidate. This is because the essence of libertarianism is freedom and individuality, and the party ascribes to promote the preferences of each individual voter. Montanans are fiercely independent, and polls show that more than 30 percent are nonpartisan. Libertarian members will choose to vote their own way in the manner of freedom that this country was founded upon. The likely outcome of Breckenridge’s statements is that Libertarian and independent voters will either leave the Senate race blank, or simply not vote. This endorsement will have no measurable outcome on the race for Montana’s senate seat.

The MTLP understands Breckenridge's disgust and disappointment with the underhanded campaign tactics that preyed on his good name to denigrate Commissioner Rosendale. However, the MTLP cannot in good conscience agree with Breckenridge’s views about this election. The MTLP encourages voters to reject the dirty tactics used to manipulate them and our system of democracy by the simple and noble act of voting for the candidate they respect and want to represent them in Washington.

Our political leadership should not be decided by spending levels that could feed, house, and employ impoverished communities across the nation if those funds were diverted into diversified private sector industries.

We can renew the freedoms in our Constitution only when we respect our neighbor’s rights of life, liberty, and property. The political arena has become a blood sport, while dividing families, friends, and colleagues. This separation only dehumanizes us by inviting hate. Unscrupulous candidates and their surrogates use these tactics to control us with fear while obfuscating their true agenda. This is not unique to Democrats and Republicans but has become a systemic cultural issue.

We, as a society, can take a stand in this digital age by changing our antiquated election methods. Alternative methods such as ranked choice voting and distributing electoral votes by congressional district are proving fruitful in many U.S. cities and in Maine. We can explore changing the dynamics and quality of our elections and begin placing character and issues above negativity and political attacks here in Montana.