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Are you ready to be a part of our grassroots political organization? Our members are the foundation of the Montana Libertarian Party. There are no membership dues, and joining is simple. Fill out the form to join today. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there membership dues?

Membership with the Montana Libertarian Party is voluntary and dues are not required. The only requirement for membership is that you agree to uphold the following statement:

Members of the Montana Libertarian Party do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force or fraud by individuals or governments as a means of achieving political goals.

Membership with the Montana Libertarian Party does not restrict membership with the National Libertarian party, and we encourage all of our members to consider joining the National Libertarian Party as well.

In addition, the Montana Libertarian Party appreciates your generous donations. Your one-time or recurring contributions help us to support our candidates, conduct effective local and state outreach, and keep up with daily expenses. We can’t do it without you. Click here to donate today.

Are There Benefits to Becoming a Member?

The Libertarian Party is America’s third largest and fastest growing political party. When you become a member of the Montana Libertarian Party, you become part of an active network of individuals engaged in a grassroots liberty movement. We rely on member support to keep it growing.

Can I Still Vote in Congressional and State Primary Elections If I’m a Member of the Montana Libertarian Party?

Yes. Montana is a nonpartisan voter registration state. When Montanans register to vote, there is no option to declare party affiliation. During election time, voters are given all of the parties’ ballots, and voters privately choose one party’s primary in which to vote. Affiliation with the Montana Libertarian Party does not preclude you from voting in the primary of your choice.

There are many other ways you can get involved and help support the Montana Libertarian Party, so be sure to visit our other pages to learn more about how to Contact us, upcoming Events, VolunteeringRunning for Office, or Donating.