Record-Breaking 2016 Election Results

Record-Breaking 2016 Election Results

By The Montana Libertarian Party

It was an incredible election and the results show significant momentum for the Libertarian Party. To maintain qualified party status in Montana, the Montana Libertarian Party needed to obtain 12,542 votes in any statewide race. On November 8, each of our statewide and federal candidates exceeded that threshold! Furthermore, Johnson/Weld received nearly 200% more votes (up by 13,098) in Montana than any Libertarian presidential ticket in history. Here are their totals:

  • 27,263: Gary Johnson/Bill Weld, Candidates for President/Vice President
  • 16,957: Roger Roots, Candidate for MT Secretary of State
  • 16,792: Ted Dunlap/Ron Vandevender, Candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor
  • 15,949: Rick Breckenridge, Candidate for US House of Representatives

Our Legislative races also yielded some impressive results:

  • 14.97%: Andrew Forcier, Candidate for HD 57
  • 7.28%: Josh Daniels, Candidate for HD 43
  • 7.02%: Dick Motta, Candidate for SD 39
  • 5.48%: Ian Wheeler, Candidate for HD 6 
  • 4.07%: Francis Wendt, Candidate for HD 61
  • 3.54%: Paula Bonar, Candidate for HD 84

Congratulations to our candidates, and thank you to the voters who not only secured statewide ballot access for the MTLP for the next 4 years, but who used their votes to say that the MTLP is the real choice for minimum government and maximum freedom!