Voters Deserve a Fair Debate

Voters Deserve a Fair Debate

By Michael Fucci

Mark Wicks

UPDATE: Great news, everybody! I have received word that KTVQ has reversed their decision and have invited Mark Wicks to tomorrow night's debate. Thank you so much for all your help with this! It wouldn't have been possible without you.


We need your help! Mark Wicks, our Libertarian candidate for US House, has been excluded from appearing in this special election's one and only debate on Saturday, April 29th. Apparently, the debate's host, KTVQ, has determined that the one hour they've allotted for this important event would "best be used" by rigging the game in favor of the two old parties.

KTVQ News Director, Jon Stepanek, informed Mr.Wicks that after private discussions with other MTN news directors, they decided that due to self-imposed time constraints, Montana voters would only be able to hear from two of the three candidates appearing on their ballots on May 25th. We at the MTLP feel this decision is arbitrary and only serves to shield the establishment parties from competition in the marketplace of ideas. Voters deserve to know where each of the three candidates stand on the important issues facing them and their families. What they do not deserve is to have their choices limited by a small group of news directors.

This is how you can help challenge the rigged game:

  • Email Jon Stepanek @ and Shawn Wilcox the General Manager of KTVQ @ Please be courteous, but let them know in no uncertain terms that you want to hear from all three candidates on the ballot.
  • Call KTVQ @ (406) 252-5611. Flood their lines! Make sure your voices are heard!
  • Comment on KTVQ's House Debate Facebook post here and here, and then leave a visitor post here.
  • Tweet them @ KTVQ. #LetMarkWicksDebate #FairDebates
  • Share this article and ask your friends to do the same!

Let's light up their lines for liberty!


Michael Fucci
Communications Director
Montana Libertarian Party

P.S. Mr. Stepanek and other MTN news directors, you still have time to reverse course and allow the voters of Montana a chance to hear from all three candidates so that they may cast their ballots with confidence next month. It is our expectation that you will do the right thing for Montana voters and provide them that opportunity.