2017 US House Special Election



Mark Wicks

Libertarian Candidate, US House of Representatives

Gary Johnson

Mark L. Wicks, a third-generation Montanan, runs a family farm north of Inverness with his wife of 21 years, Beth Anne, and their four children. He attended Montana State University Bozeman on a history scholarship and earned a degree in Aviation Technology Maintenance from Lane Community College in Oregon. In 1991, Wicks joined the Army Reserves where he served for two years before being diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease. Upon finishing college, he heeded his heart and the call of the land and returned home to follow in his father’s footsteps raising cattle and sheep.

In addition to ranching, Wicks has roughnecked on drilling rigs in the Bakken, driven propane trucks, grown and sold produce at farmers' markets across the state, owned and operated two gift shops, and authored a novel, Wrath of the Dodo. As an entrepreneur, he understands the needs and wants of Montanans who put on coveralls, smocks, scrubs, and suits, and go to work just so they can live the life they want without interference.

Wicks has travelled throughout the beautiful state he calls home, met thousands of people, and has heard their concerns about the future of Montana. Wicks shares their concerns. He believes the country is headed down a destructive path with the Republicans and Democrats alike fighting only to see who can get us there faster. That’s why Mark Wicks is running for congress. DC needs to hear Montana’s voice loud and clear, and Wicks has good old Montana common sense and the stubbornness to fight for sound government, better planning, and sustainable solutions to stop runaway spending. Mark Wicks is the “No Strings Attached” candidate, who will fight to bring control back to the states. He is the Montanan for Montana.