The Montana Libertarian Party is a grassroots political organization. Most of the day-to-day work of our party and our campaigns is done by volunteers throughout the state. If you’re looking to be actively engaged, the Montana Libertarian Party is filled with people of varying skills and talents, and we’re always looking for more individuals to join our team and make it even stronger.

Fill out the form, and tell us a bit about how you’d like to get involved. Not sure how you can help? That’s okay. There’s always plenty of work to do, and we’ll match you up with something you can be proud to have fun doing.

We appreciate your willingness to pitch in and help build a new political majority in America. Thank you!

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There are many other ways you can get involved and help support the Montana Libertarian Party, so be sure to visit our other pages to learn more about how to Contact us, upcoming Events, Becoming a MemberRunning for Office, Starting a County Party, or Donating.